Smart Warehouse – 2

In the last blog we have seen a part of Smart Warehouse and how IoT is helping in its upgradation.

Today IoT comes with an entire package of improvement in Warehouse management. Talking further more IoT will aid all the problems a warehouse manager comes across. Managing the space and maintaining every product from its production to delivery are a time and cost occupying tasks. Use of IoT improves the route optimization within warehouse and improves efficiencies and associated costs.

IoT provides a person the ability to know where each item is, where it came from and where it is intended to go. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions offers location-specific utilization information in real time. It removes the need for manual planning of location usage and generates reports for consolidation of location. The solution has a direct interface with warehouse management systems. It provides global visibility to track inventory from contract manufacturers all the way to customers. It is important for efficiency, as well as for redundancy and contingency planning.

IoT manages everything from the day a package enters the warehouse till the time it leaves the warehouse, right from providing it a place to picking it at the time of transportation. Appropriate space utilization is done with the help of IoT. The sensors can sense the place and make proper space calculation and place the right package at the right place. At the time of its disposal or delivery the RFID helps in picking the right package.

Warehouses that want to implement IoT technology need to establish a system that supports legacy and new smart devices, as well as multiple connectivity options. According to Juniper Research, retail will spend 2.5 billion dollars on Internet of Things by 2020. Hands-free wearable can allow workers to move about and access information and instructions from anywhere in the warehouse without being constrained by workstations.

Smart warehouse can now serve as a hub to boost efficiency and speed throughout the entire supply chain. From wearables on workers to sensors and smart equipment, internet-enabled devices and technology can profoundly change logistics management.

IoT can revolutionize the warehouse managements by reducing costs and speeding up the movement of goods from warehouses to stores and consumers.

A big shift towards smart warehouses is soon to be seen in the near future.

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