IoT for Waste Management

Internet of Things is driving cities towards Smart Cities. Along with that we can’t neglect the fact that our country is facing the problem pollution. The absence of efficient waste management has caused serious environmental problems and cost issues. Waste management is important and necessity of time, if not can lead to health issues.

The waste management industry is beginning to develop and implement IoT related solutions to these problems. From waste bins equipped with fill-sensors, to data-based management and logistics platforms, the industry is shifting into a cleaner, more efficient part of modern life.

The garbage management in cities has to be effectively and efficiently implemented. There are various proposals for the same and some of them already implemented. One of the waste collection systems is designed as follows. Data is collected from the sensors; this collected data is sent over the Internet to a server where it is stored and processed. The collected data is then used for monitoring and optimizing the daily selection of trashcans to be collected, calculating the routes accordingly. Every day, the workers receive the newly calculated routes in their navigation devices.

Another design proposes a system in which the multiple dustbins located throughout the city will have low cost embedded device which will help in tracking the level of garbage. Each bin possesses a unique ID, for easy tracking. Whenever the garbage will cross the threshold, the controller will be notified about it to take the necessary measures.

Next method suggests that once the garbage reaches the threshold level ultrasonic sensor will trigger the GSM modem which will continuously alert the required authority until the garbage in the dustbin is squashed.

Another such system suggests that the garbage will be monitored using IR wireless systems along with central system, which will display the current status of garbage on smart phones or other connected Smart Devices.

Different IoT sensors can be used for the tracking purpose. It is always possible to monitor the level of garbage using these devices. Internet of Things can manage the entire process, from the collection of the waste till the waste disposal. It can carry out tasks such as tracking the collection vehicle, Dustbin monitoring and other emerging sensing technologies.

From densely populated cities to smaller rural communities, waste management systems keep our homes and communities free from unwanted clutter.

Use of Internet of Things in Waste Management is a very innovative thought which will help to keep the cities clean and our lives healthier.

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