CarIQ – Indian Marvel

There are many IoT products hitting the Indian market. India has been the endorser of many startups. Talking about IoT in Indian, let us put some light on the Smart Devices of Indian Origin. CarIQ is one of the Indian devices in the list.

CarIQ is a Pune based hardware startup founded in August 2012. Sagar Apte is the Founder of CarIQ; his core team involves Rajendrakumar R, Vinu K, Deepak Thomas and Hrishikesh Nene. Big names such as Bajaj Allianz, Hindustan Petroleum, Metamorphosys and JustRide have helped CarIQ in the path towards success.

Sagar Apte says that “Pune has a strong ecosystem of automotive domain experts. Pune, being an auto hub, helped us tap into this ecosystem early on. The team that we put together, the advisers that came onboard, and the auto enthusiasts who supported and motivated us helped put this together.”

CarIQ is a fast growing company which makes car smarter by connecting them to Cloud. This device is an easy to install plug-in which can be inserted in the connector near the steering wheel. The device comes with an in-built GSM technology and it collects data from various electronic systems in the car such as the engine, ABS, air bag, etc. without any intervention. It collects information about service requirements, critical alerts, engine health, driving data, fuel economy etc. This data is then sent to the Cloud where it is processed and users can receive the result over the web or Smartphone apps allowing the car driver to make decisions. This data can also be shared on social media. CarIQ strives to make it easy for people to understand their car through the data generated by the cars and thus providing data analytics capabilities.

CarIQ also has an ecosystem of service providers via which a user can set appointments with a mechanism, etc as well. It is supported by all the major car manufacturers like Toyota, Mahindra, Tata, Hyundai, etc. manufactured after 2008.

The oxygen sensor inside the car detects the amount of oxygen coming in; in the polluted regions the amount of oxygen in the air is less; CarIQ uses this data to create maps and show pollution on the road and is successfully generating maps of road traffic pollution. The team is also working to partner with major players in the ecosystem so that the consumers wouldn’t have to pay for subscription.

CarIQ is extraordinary devices that helps one talk with the car and understand the problems the car is facing. CarIQ can save a plenty of money and time avoiding the situation in which the car is damaged and hours are wasted waiting for a mechanic. Cars connected through the CarIQ platform will assist businesses deliver high-value personalized services to car owners.

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